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11-Anaconda Being Held

MANAUS, BRAZIL. A tourist poses with an anaconda during an “ecotour” in the Amazon rainforest. When I asked this animal's "owner" if the scrapes along its body were normal, he explained that it was due to the snake "thrashing around" when it was put back into the broken ice cooler where it was kept.

Evidence gathered during this project by World Animal Protection indicates that this snake was poached from the wild and kept in squalid captivity behind the scenes.

This image is part of an investigative project designed to investigate the impact of the selfie phenomenon on wildlife. During this assignment it became apparent that many tourists join tours to engage in wildlife ecotourism, unaware that the activities are often unregulated, illegal and cruel.

Animals used in these activities can die prematurely due to mishandling and severe, constant stress. Tour guides who are either lying or being lied to themselves pre-empt possible concerns by assuring tourists that these activities are harmless to the animals, and that supporting such activities help the local communities.